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Self Taught Electronic Piano Lesson – Teach Yourself How To Play The Piano

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Trying to be self taught on the piano might not be the easiest thing to do for any musician, but it can be done through various types of lessons on the keyboard, from different resources whether online or offline that involves the electronic piano. It has always been a challenge for anyone looking to teach yourself how to play the piano on where and how to start, and how to progress at each level, to the next standard. The piano, electronic or otherwise, is a very complex musical instrument, and takes varying levels of skill to learn and master. Nobody achieves success on it overnight, and everyone requires years of hard practice in order to get what they want. This is even truer for a self taught pianist who has taken many lessons to learn how to play the instrument him or herself.

Or you might be one of the many pianists who did go for lessons, spent lots of money and still ended up nowhere. Nowhere meaning that you still do not know how to play the keyboard well. This could lead to two possible scenarios for you – one, you give up totally and look back in the future on your meaningless journey through hard work and musical hope with nothing to show for; or second, you do not give up and continue to push onwards, this time by teaching yourself to play the piano without outside guidance or interference. You might be in a better position than other aspiring beginners. For one, you already know how to read music theory and probably know a couple of scales. The only problem is that playing the songs has not come as easily.

Is there a real need to get an electronic piano teacher or one who teaches acoustic piano to really learn how to play the keyboard? There are many who only managed to accomplish proficiency on the instrument with the help of one. There are also others who spent time and effort learning theory, practicing music scales for hours on end, using nothing but the resources that can be found in libraries, music shops and from electronic keyboard lessons online that they found.

What kind of electronic piano lessons are more helpful? Are they the ones that are taught by a human teacher? Or can everyone eventually figure out how to play songs on the electronic piano by learning the essentials from online videos or books?

The difference between an electronic piano and synthesizer is the same as that between being self taught or receiving coaching from a personal tutor. There is nothing much separating the two, and the common thread for success using either method is down to the individual’s effort. Practice with dedication and have a true love for music and it is not impossible to know how to play well in the end.

There is of course one small difference and that is the amount of money being spent. There are many electronic piano lessons for free online and they can substitute real coaching to a very large extent. With videos, one can even have basic learning of electronic keyboards. There are also tons of basic electronic organ lessons for the beginner. Free electronic piano lessons have become very popular and are all the rage, due to allowing millions of aspiring beginner pianists to save a lot of money from paying for their lessons instead.

Electronic keyboard lessons online now also provide access to millions of sheet music that are scanned and stored in digital form. This is great for every pianist as it provides a large online library of possibly hard to find music and songs transcribed for playing on the piano. The other obvious benefit is that even more money is saved from having to buy sheet music from shops.

Some have even gone the distance with technology by creating online electronic keyboard classes. These might become the next evolution of self taught digital piano lessons as they are conducted over the Internet, while students can tune in anytime anywhere from the comfort of their own homes. They also learn at their own pace whenever convenient.

With so many ways to learn electronic free keyboard lessons, there is no excuse not to know how to play the instrument in the end. Figuring out the electronic piano chords, the different keys, and having sheet music to learn and practice with can be found easily with the click of a button and going online for all the self taught keyboard lessons online.

Lessons On How To Play The Electronic Piano

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Learning how to play the electronic piano can only be done through taking up lessons. These lessons can either be self taught, or signing up with a qualified piano teacher. But electronic piano lessons can come in the form of good or bad, and cheap or expensive. Can you find good lessons to teach you how to play the digital keyboard without having to spend any money? Are there other ways to get hold of good lessons that one can use to learn and practice on the piano, electronic or otherwise?

If you have the money, taking up electronic piano lessons with schools or from a personal teacher could be the ideal solution, but that might not necessarily be so. They might add up and become extremely expensive, especially teachers who claim to be decorated and will charge a premium for their fame and reputation, which is hardly necessary considering that learning how to play the piano is the same from most teachers, as long as they have passed their qualifications and already have a track record of students who have passed their theory and practical exams.

Electronic piano lessons can be taken online for those who prefer to teach themselves. These online lessons are also useful for self revision even if you are already taking formal piano instruction from a teacher or school. There is no harm having more variety, and it is essential if you wish to develop into an artist on the keyboards, playing beautiful pieces of music and even coming up with your own songs.

Can you get piano lessons for free? Learning the electronic piano is a lifelong process. Some might want to charge a fee to teach, but others are simply artists at heart and are just doing their bit to pass on the musical art of the piano. With some providing excellent electronic piano instruction on the Internet, not having to pay for quality piano coaching will depend from one situation to another.

There might also be a need for different lessons to be taken up for the beginner, intermediate and advanced piano player. Each pianist will have his or her own individual needs, habits and level of ability. The lessons may need to be customized for each, but that might not be a common occurrence, with most online piano lessons provided for both acoustic and electronic pianos to be quite similar and equally useful and interchangeable.

Electronic piano lessons are the ideal way to pick up the digital keyboard and start playing songs by yourself and for your family and friends to enjoy with. They can be followed easily, without the need to have a strong musical background or theory knowledge. The piano lessons found online can also help to build a strong foundation of the musical instrument, while allowing further improvements if followed and practised with discipline and the right amount of attitude.

Differences, Advantages And Disadvantages Between Electronic Piano and Acoustic Piano

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The main difference between an electronic piano and that of an acoustic piano is that the digital piano is an electronic instrument, much like the organ, that is able to simulate and replicate the sound of a piano, and in the sense of the word, the sound of an acoustic piano. With an acoustic piano, you get to hear its beautiful sounds each time you hit those ivory keys, as a result of a combination of many components working together to produce the sound, which includes piano strings, keys, hammers and the soundboard. With an electronic piano, you hear the sound of a piano as a result of it being reproduced from electronic chips, circuits and sound speakers built into the instrument.

The problems or disadvantages of an instrument like the electronic piano are that you will never be able to fully replicate the unique tone and harmonic mix of an acoustic piano. While electronically the mix of different notes can be digitally produced and enhanced, to a trained and cultured ear, it will never sound the same with warmth and breadth of an analog produced sound as that from an acoustic piano. So while many electronic pianos today sound almost as similar to that of its acoustic counterpart, you lack the warm tone of the latter, and even the touch and feel of an electronic piano can sometimes be too cold compared to that an acoustic piano.

Many electronic pianos have piano keys that are now specially weighted and graded to ensure as much resemblance to that of an acoustic piano as possible. However, most electronic pianos are not able to reproduce the kind of touch that many pianists demand from their instrument, such as when they apply greater force to that of an acoustic piano, the dramatics that action provides to the sound of each key would be relative according to the amount of force applied on the piano key, and this is the kind of relationship that exists for an acoustic piano that an electronic instrument will never be able to fully simulate to the complex and analog nature.

The advantage of an electronic piano, on the other hand, is that the maintenance and care required for it will never be as extensive or expensive compared to that of owning an acoustic piano. With the latter, you will definitely need regular and constant maintenance of the instrument and its different components, such as the piano keys and strings. For example, you have to avoid the gathering of dust and rust on these components, or they will drastically and negatively affect the sound quality. With an electronic piano, all you need to ensure is that the instrument is kept away from heat and humidity, and by nature of it being an electronic device, it can last much longer if such conditions are met. As a result, you can save considerably on your budget when using a digital piano and learning how to play the piano.

Another pro to using an electronic piano is that you can actually play different instruments on it, or rather, you can simulate playing other instruments. Due to its electronic nature, a digital piano can come with sound samples of other instruments such as the flute, violin or even guitar. You can even add on extra instruments as and when you find them or like any. Once done, you can play the violin on an electronic piano, but just like playing an piano. This is incredibly useful and provides maximum cost savings for the recording musician who is unable to afford or even find another musician to play and record different instruments. Using an electronic piano, all the recording musician needs to do is to compose and play the various instrument parts, on his piano.

With the above, you would have learnt the key basic differences between an electronic piano and that of an acoustic piano. The critical pros and cons of both instruments have also been presented, and they should all help to provide you with the necessary information and details to make a well-informed decision on which of the two forms of the piano instrument to purchase and learn on.

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